Videogame mythologies
du 11 mars
au 9 décembre 2012
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Made of Myth, Marc Da Cunha Lopes

The Game of Life, Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories

Sleep is Death, Jason Rohrer

Passage, Jason Rohrer

Loopscape, Ryota Kuwakubo

Crayon Physics Deluxe, Petri Purho

Arcade City, Gamelife : Games as Emotional Memoir

Play, Gamelife : Games as Emotional Memoir

Rules of Play / The Game of Life

If games are a form of culture, what form of culture are they?

Like dance or sports, games deal with movement. Like architecture and garden design, they imagine spaces. Games can also include narratives and storytelling. But above all, games are complex systems; dynamic processes engaging different actors in input-output relationships and feedback loops.

In the last fifty years information theory, cybernetics and network theory have shown us that to describe our time accurately, we need to recognize we live in an age of increasing complexity, where political, economic and social processes evolve through the nonlinear interactions of multiple agents. Videogames may be the first form of popular culture to reflects this.

The very first videogames like Pong, Asteroids or Space­ War! were too low-tech to look realistic, and could only represent characters and spaces in very abstract ways. But since their very inception, games behaved like dynamic systems. The player engaged with other elements in a space where action was determined by a set of simple rules.

This section explores how game systems behave, the importance of rules and other key notions in games design like physics and storytelling

Gamelife: Games as Emotional Memoir:

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, David Kaplan & Eric Zimmerman
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Arcade City / Milan
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Made of Myth, Marc Da Cunha Lopes
The Game of Life
, Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories
Crayon Physics Deluxe
, Petri Puhro
, Ryota Kuwakubo
Sleep is Death
, Jason Rohrer
, Jason Rohrer