Videogame mythologies
du 11 mars
au 9 décembre 2012
Maison d’Ailleurs


Playtime — Videogame mythologies is an exhibition devoted to the culture of video games. It explores how the relationship between play, the various manners of gam- ing, and technology interrelate. An interactive presentation displays historical doc- uments, examples of GameArt and innovative games.

The exhibition invites to explore computer games from a variety of different angles: Rules of Play / The Game of Life and the introduction to the mechanics of games; Game Geographies and PlayNations on the spatial dimension of video games; Bodies and Minds, dealing with emblematic figures, how players relate with their avatars and the involvement of the body in the video game experience; Assault on Reality, which presents innovative creations mixing the real and the virtual; and a historical section Archeology of Fun.

Throughout 2012, various events, happenings and mediation actions at Yverdon-les-Bains and in French- speaking Switzerland are being held in addition to the exhibition. They highlight the current state of research in the field and bring to a wide audience a chance to discover the broad range of registers in video games art.

The exhibition is part of Pro Helvetia, the Swiss Arts Council’s GameCulture — From Game to Art programme.