Videogame mythologies
du 11 mars
au 9 décembre 2012
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Scalable City, Experimental Game Lab

Minecraft, Mojang / Markus Persson

Temps perdu, Dominique Cunin & David-Olivier Lartigaud

Procedural City

Levelhead, Julian Oliver

Journey, thatgamecompany

The Path, Tale of Tales

Dust, Aram Bartholl

Pac Man, The Evolution of Play Spaces

GTA IV, The Evolution of Play Spaces

Game Geographies and PlayNations

Science Fiction writer William Gibson coined the term “cyberspace” when he watched two kids playing on their Atari console and noticed that for them, the screen was not showing moving images; it was a portal to another kind of territory.

For American Media scholar Henry Jenkins, the art of the video game shares many traits with disciplines like garden design or theme park construction. In a certain way, video games are the archetypical contemporary form of utopian architecture, following the traditions of fantastic and science fiction literature, encapsulating the playful mystery of labyrinths. Games are exotic worlds waiting to be discovered and explored by a player who is also playing the role of flâneur.

“Game Geographies and PlayNations” is a journey through the spatial and architectural dimensions of video games, their history and artistic evolution. From the early flat, 2D geographies of Super Mario Bros to the Labyrinths of polygonal shooters like Doom and Quake, and into the vast, real size cities of the Grand Theft Auto series.

Today, independent game designers and digital artists are exploring the possibilities of game geographies as platforms that modify our notion of real space. To explore and wander, to enjoy the journey is in many cases, the only problem the player has to solve.

The Evolution of Play Spaces:

Pac-Man, Namco, 1980
Defender, Williams Electronics, 1980
SimCity 2000, Maxis, 1993
Quake, id Software, 1996
ICO, Sony Computer Entertainment / Team Ico, 2002 (HD version, 2011)
GTA IV, Rockstar Games, 2008

Scalable City, Experimental Game Lab
Super Mario Maps
Temps Perdu, Dominique Cunin et David-Olivier Lartigaud
Dust, Aram Bartholl
Journey, thatgamecompany
The Path, Tale of Tales
Levelhead, Julian Oliver
Procedural City, Procedural
Minecraft, Mojang/Markus Persson