Videogame mythologies
du 11 mars
au 9 décembre 2012
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Gold Farmers, Ge Jin

Second Skin, Juan Carlos Piñeiro

Playing the World’s Problems, an Arcade of Serious Games

Playing the World’s Problems, an Arcade of Serious Games

The City as a Game Development Kit, Head–Genève

The City as a Game Development Kit, Head–Genève

Assault on Reality

Play is not an innocent activity that only children engage in; play, simulation and enactment are present in multiple dimensions of society. Today, the connection between reality and games is more ambiguous and blurred than what we have traditionally thought.

From war games and military simulacra to the simulation of financial markets, or the use of games in management, the power of taking decisions through playing strategies is increasingly finding strength in multiple domains.

Mobile technologies are putting games into the pockets of commuters and filling empty hours, and new disciplines like location based and augmented reality games are avoiding synthetic worlds and using our everyday surroundings as the scenarios for game experiences. Today game designers who are developing experiences where the real and the virtual mingle in unexpected ways.

In the opposite direction, reality is also entering the narratives of games through the introduction of politics, activism, education and propaganda in the arguments of video games. Serious games and political games, used in political campaigns and pedagogic efforts, are one side of the coin; activist projects and propaganda are other examples of the capacity of games to modify reality.

Playing the World’s Problems, une arcade de jeux sérieux:

Food Force, United Nations World Food Programme, 2005
CityOne, IBM, 2010
Foldit, Center for Game Science, University of Washington, 2008
Fate of the World, Red Redemption, 2011
ACTUV Tactics Simulator, DARPA, 2011
Power of Research, TPM Games & European Commission, 2011

The City as a Game Development Kit, Playing the City, Head – Genève
Gold Farmers, Ge Jin, documentary
Second Skin, Juan Carlos Piñeiro, documentary